Continued Partnership Between Laspau and INICIA Educación

CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS, July 18, 2017- Laspau is proud to be entering our seventh year of partnering with INICIA Educación, an impact investment fund focused on the improvement of the education system in the Dominican Republic. The organization catalyzes their mission through scholarship opportunities at a graduate study level as well as teacher education and educational innovation programs. Since 2012, INICIA Educación has granted scholarships to over 20 individuals to pursue Master´s degrees in education related fields at top-ranked programs in the United States and beyond. The INICIA Educación scholarship program will be accepting applications again in summer of 2017; a second application will open on a later date for studies in Latin America.

Please  check the INICIA Educación page on our website for detailed information on how to apply.

Learn more about INICIA Educación and their initiatives at

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Laspau Attends the NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, May 28-June 2, 2017- In May, Laspau attended the NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo, an event that brings together world leaders in higher education to discuss pressing topics, exchange ideas and explore new horizons in international education. The conference took place in Los Angeles, California. This year, our coordinator of academic program operations, Brianna Swenson, and program advisor Josaba Uribe presented an informational poster titled, “Return on Cost-Share Investment: Laspau Sponsored Students”, in which they demonstrated how sponsored student programs benefit university campuses across the country and strengthen international networks.

During the week of the conference, Laspau nominated Pennsylvania State University, University of Arizona, and University of Texas-Austin for the 2017 Laspau University Award in recognition of their outstanding support for Laspau-administered scholars. “We value their commitment to supporting exceptional educational opportunities for scholars from Latin America and the Caribbean and for going above and beyond expectations”, stated Laspau Executive Director, Angélica Natera. Last year, the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, and The University of Kansas shared this important award during the conference held in Denver, Colorado.

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