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Scholarship Management

Each year we manage scholarship programs that serve over a thousand grantees in a wide variety of fields. Grantees in programs managed by Laspau receive personal attention and support beginning with the application and continuing throughout their programs and return to their home country. Our 50 years of experience enable us to secure exceptional admissions and financial packages for grantees studying in over 35 countries.

Scholarship Degree Programs

Each year, we manage scholarship programs for more than 1,000 scholars in a wide variety of academic fields. Scholars receive personal attention and support during the academic placement process and throughout their programs. Our 50 years of experience allow us to obtain exceptional tuition funding support and admission offers.

English Language Programs

Laspau offers targeted English programs with a technical and academic focus. Students not only receive English language training, but also strategies and skills for success in Master’s and Doctoral programs in the United States.

Research Programs

Laspau promotes the connection between universities in Latin America and scientists and laboratories and research centers in the United States. Working with our partners, ECUSA, our programs provide research stays for masters and doctoral students in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Program Partners

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