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Organization of American States Scholar Desmond Campbell is Advancing Education in Jamaica

Desmond Campbell is a former OAS scholar, and a graduate of Hamline University where he earned a master’s degree in environmental studies. Currently, Campbell works as a professor at Moneague College in Moneague, Jamaica, and has implemented many educational projects there.

Desmond Campbell, a former Organization of American Studies (OAS) scholar, has always been the type of person to seek out leadership roles, never settling to idle in the background. While pursuing a Master of Arts Degree in Natural Science and Environmental Educations from Hamline University, Campbell played an active role in his campus community.

“I was the first secretary of the newly formed Hamline International Graduate Student Association (HIGSA) and pulled off success after seventeen years of failed attempts by other students,” Campbell shares.

In addition, Campbell participated as the only student in a Faculty Diversity Reading Circle to assist in the electing the first female president in Hamline University’s history, an accomplishment he is very proud of.

Since graduating, Campbell continues to make an impact in his home country of Jamaica in whatever way he can. Currently, Campbell serves as a professor of environmental science at Moneague College. There, he initiated two different projects: the Environmental Studies Program, a program that, after its establishment, allowed students be certified at both the Associate of Sciences and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies, and heads the Food Security Project.

Despite the tremendous progress Campbell has created at Moneague, the ambitious leader strove to accomplish more beyond the college’s walls. “Annually I lead explorative, educational, professional development workshops,” Campbell explains. The workshops take teachers from Jamaica to join others in the United States for an annual Rivers Institute interactive workshop designed to increase teachers’ knowledge in water related content, STEM investigational skills, and literacy skills.

To further his mission of enhancing the quality of education, Campbell has implemented a teachers exchange program and a student exchange program between institutions in the United States, Europe, and Jamaica.

All of this work has led to Campbell’s recognition as Moneague’s 2011 Outstanding Faculty Award, and the 2011 National Award for “Champion Environmental Teacher” by the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET). He is currently the North central Chairman of the Association of Science Teachers of Jamaica (ASTJ); co-chairs the St Ann Hi-Tech farmers Group and now serve Moneague College as Principal Lecturer and Head of Department. As for the future, Campbell has no plans of slowing down. When asked what hopes to accomplish next in his professional and academic career, Campbell explains he plans to implement more programs especially those with international focus and to pursue post graduate studies applicable to national and international development and sustainability.

If his past perseverance is any indication, he is capable of achieving whatever goals he sets for himself.

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