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Now available: Santander Scholarships Skills | Innovation in Teaching – Laspau

Banco Santander, through Santander Universidades and in collaboration with Laspau, has launched 150 Santander Scholarships Skills | Innovation in Teaching - Laspau, directed to university professors from 13 countries who want to learn new teaching models from an innovative perspective and promote effective learning.

With the support of mentors and tutors who are experts in pedagogy and peer teaching, participants will follow a training itinerary designed to offer the necessary tools to become agents of change in their teaching community through the generation of networks and good practices. To do this, they will develop a pedagogical project tkat takes into account the principles of active learning and the “reverse design” or “backward design curriculum” models.

The program, which was developed after a thorough analysis in collaboration with a wide international network of teachers, will be offered in Spanish, English, or Portuguese and aimed exclusively at higher education teachers who are currently teaching at universities in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, Poland, Peru, the United Kingdom, the United States, or Uruguay.

“Banco Santander is known for its commintment to education and pedagogical innovation in higher education. With this initiative we wanted to share that commitment directly with the community itself through a dialogue that, on the one hand, brings to light the need and urgency of promoting actions that accelerate the standardization of new educational practices in universities and, on the other hand, has set the path for the creation of a program of which we are particularly proud,” said Javier Roglá, Global Director of Santander Universidades.

“Laspau’s network of experts, as well as our 55 years of experience in creating access to quality higher education, are at the service of this program designed for participants to learn best pedagogical practices, establish relevant connections with internationally-recognized universities, conclude the program having strengthened their pedagogical practice, and become agents of change to impact the institutions they are part of,” says Angelica Natera, Executive Director of Laspau.

The program will start in October; interested individuals can check all requirements and submit their application at, until July 26. Participants will receive a digital certificate of participation provided they satisfactorily complete the program and all its assignments and activities..

Banco Santander and its support of higher education

Banco Santander, a leader in responsible banking, maintains a firm commitment to progress and inclusive and sustainable growth with pioneering and solid support to higher education, which it has been developing through Santander Universities for 25 years, and that it differentiates it from other financial institutions in the world. The organization has allocated more than €2,000 million and has awarded more than 630,000 scholarships and grants since its inception.

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