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Laspau won the 2022 PIEoneer award for Public/Private Partnership

Laspau won the 2022 PIEoneer Award for Public/Private Partnership for our joint program with Santander Universidades! The Faculty Development Program was a scholarship awarded to 150 university professors —selected from thousands— and representing 13 countries. Upon completion, they received the Certificate in Teaching: “Exploring and (re)Connecting with Evidence.” During the eight-week program participants learned the world's best teaching practices and enhanced their teaching skills supported by an international network of lecturers. The program was designed to foster university’s best-practices, collaborative work, and growth within the global community. At the end of the 80 hours of study participants presented their own educational project to the group. The PIEoneer Awards celebrate innovation and achievement across the whole of the global education industry. With a distinguished judging panel representing geographical and professional diversity, PIE Awards recognize both individuals and organizations who are pushing professional standards, evolving their engagement, or redefining the international student experience. We are very excited and celebrating with Santander Universidades for having won this prestigious award that recognizes and values our mission of impacting higher education all over the world.
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