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Laspau staff named Harvard Hero

CAMBRIDGE, MA, April 3, 2019 – Laspau is pleased to announce that Aline Santos, our Operations and Systems Coordinator, has been named a 2019 Harvard Hero for her outstanding contributions. Her work has been integral to Laspau’s effective adoption of new technologies and streamlining of our operations and systems.

Harvard Heroes is an annual program held each spring to celebrate high-performing staff from across every School and the Central Administration with both local and University-wide recognition. Being named a Harvard Hero is an honor of great distinction – only about 60 Heroes, or ½ of 1% of eligible staff, are named each year, with selection based on 11 important criteria. These staff members are nominated and/or selected by their peers and departments for their leadership, teamwork, adaptability, innovation and exceptional contributions. (For more information about Harvard Heroes, see the program website.)

Laspau looks forward to celebrating this achievement with Aline and the other Harvard Heroes at a university-wide event in June. 

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