Taking the PAEP Exam

The PAEP is a standardized, Spanish-language exam that is designed for the assessment of graduate program candidates. The PAEP was developed in 1991 by the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico in collaboration with the College Board of Puerto Rico and is currently used at leading universities in Latin America to evaluate approximately 5,000 candidates per year.

What does the PAEP evaluate?​

  • Verbal Reasoning (antonyms, sentence completion, reading comprehension and analogies)
  • Quantitative and Scientific Reasoning (Mathematics: arithmetic, geometry, algebra, calculus, applied probability. Natural Sciences: physics, chemistry and biology)
  • Cognitive Ability (logic, associations and pattern recognition)
  • Writing (paragraph and essay structure, use of vocabulary and syntax)
  • Use of English (structures, conjugations, function words and reading comprehension)

Practice Exam for Test Takers

Are you taking the PAEP? Prepare yourself and take a practice exam by downloading the resources below.

Download Instructions and Answer Sheet

Verbal I

Verbal II

Quantitative I

Quantitative II



English and Composition

Answer Key and Scoring Instructions

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