Strengthening Research: Laspau Signs Partnership with Universidad Nacional del Altiplano – Puno

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CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS, March 9, 2018- Over the past week, Laspau hosted a group of academic leaders from the Universidad Nacional del Altiplano – Puno (UNA-Puno) culminating in the signing today of a collaborative agreement between the two institutions.

Located in the northern region of Peru, UNA-Puno is a public university composed of 19,000 undergraduate students pursuing studies concentrated in the fields of science, technology or arts.

During the visit, UNA-Puno President, Dr. Porfirio Enriquez, along with the Academic Provost Dr. Rogelio Florez, and Provost for Research Dr. Wenceslao Medina, met with academic and administrative leaders from Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to discuss strategies for re-envisioning institutional transformation. “Human capital is the key element in the national and international positioning of the public university in Peru,” says Dr. Enriquez during the academic delegation visit.

The university is embarking on a comprehensive strategic planning process for the year 2021, which will focus on positioning UNA-Puna as a research-based institution for undergraduates and on improving teaching and learning through innovative methodologies.


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