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University Leadership and Governance

Three-day program for leaders from Latin American universities.

This program invites rectors, vice chancellors, deans, leading managers of universities to examine international best practices to strengthen strategic planning processes and explore initiatives to boost institutional quality and long-term effectiveness. The program allows university leaders to discuss international best practices, establish a benchmarking of teaching models in higher education, identify practices of excellence in research, reflect on the connection of their institutional objectives with the needs of society, among others themes.

Day 1 | Transformational Leadership

The University Leadership and Governance program begins with a series of presentations by academic professionals from high-performing universities in Massachusetts (USA). These interactive sessions create the context for participants to discuss successful cases that promote institutional transformation. Topics include initiatives to create innovation ecosystems, promote excellence research and improve teaching and learning. The sessions allow leaders to identify obstacles, possible solutions and opportunities aligned with their strategic development plan. Participants learn the continuous models of quality improvement for the advancement of research, student learning and institutional effectiveness.

Day 2 | Educational Trends

The second day of the program focuses on panels led by deans, principals and teachers from Harvard University and other Massachusetts universities. This is an opportunity to discuss educational and pedagogical trends for the future of STEM education and the humanities, the challenges of education, the role of the university in society and the importance of forming global citizens. Information is provided on the scope of social entrepreneurship and alliances between the public and private sectors for innovation in higher education, as well as the positive impact it generates on society.

Day 3 | Strategic Focus

On the last day, higher education leaders have managed to explore initiatives to strengthen teaching and learning, encourage research and generate workforce development. This is a space to continue the reflection and identification of the key objectives that guide the process of a strategic plan, including the opportunities and possible solutions to face the institutional challenges. At this point, the Laspau University Innovation team provides support to leaders to visualize strategies that promote the improvement of academic management in the university. Similarly, participants identify common needs and challenges, as well as the efforts that unite and create awareness through a strategic approach to institutional development.

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