Launching the Scholar Ambassador Blog


CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS, February 6, 2018- Laspau is pleased to announce the launch of the Scholar Ambassador Blog, a place where scholars from Laspau-administered programs share stories in their own words of what it is like to study, research, and teach at higher education institutions abroad. These stories demonstrate the scholars’ belief in the transformative power of higher education, as well as their dedication to applying the knowledge and skills they’ve gained abroad for the betterment of their communities and countries. They are also a testament to the vision and commitment of the incredible sponsors (including governments, foundations, corporations, and individuals) that we have had the privilege of working with over the years.

As we embark on this storytelling journey, we hope that the blog will enable you to share in the experience of scholars from diverse backgrounds and regions and understand how they stayed motivated and focused, despite significant challenges. We also hope these stories will open doors to a world of possibilities to those who dream of following the path of higher education and international exchange.


The scholar ambassador blog is organized into three sections: About the Blog, the scope of the project; Become A Scholar Ambassador, an invitation component that encourages scholars to become bloggers; and Recent Stories, a component where blog stories are housed.

The blog is edited and moderated by Laspau staff.

Content & Support

To get involved, scholars must be a current or former Laspau-administered grantee, and committed to writing two or more stories within a year. Scholars submit the story through an interest form, and then receive feedback and editing assistance.

Social Media

Each blog story contains integrated social media buttons for Facebook and Twitter to foster content sharing between readers’ social network.

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