Fernando Reimers (Emeritus)

Ford Foundation Professor of International Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Fernando Reimers is the Ford Foundation Professor of International Education and International Education Policy Program Director at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He focuses his research and teaching on innovative global education policies and programs that help students develop competencies necessary for civic participation and work in the twenty-first century. He also works in the area of global citizenship education and in how to align education policies with the achievement of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. Professor Reimers is a member of the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education, a fellow of the International Academy of Education, and a member of the United States National Commission for UNESCO. He is a graduate of Universidad Central de Venezuela and Harvard University where he received both his Master’s and Doctoral degrees. In addition to serving on Laspau’s board, he serves on the board of several educational organizations and foundations. He is a member of Laspau’s Executive Committee. More information about his work is available here