Mitzi Salgado

Placement Specialist


Mitzi Salgado is a placement specialist at Laspau. She is dedicated to improving the quality of education and creating opportunities in higher education for almost ten years. Ms. Salgado is the former Leadership Director of Partnership for an Equitable Los Angeles (PELA), where she co-founded and directed the first U.S. and Mexico in-the-field public policy practicum program for graduate students. Prior to PELA, Ms. Salgado was instrumental in contributing to closing the financial literacy gaps in San Diego, CA where she was the regional manager of the Southbay region implementing in-class and after-school programs for over 14,000 students in 5 public school districts. Mitzi grew up on the US-border of San Diego and Mexico and has excelled in globalizing personal and professional networks through her extensive work on the border in higher education. Ms. Salgado has a B.A. in Women Studies and a Minor in Business Administration from the University of California, Riverside. She earned her Master’s in International Public Policy and Management with an emphasis on immigration policy from the Sol Price School of Public Policy. Her active role in linking Mexico and other Latin American countries with the United States reflects in her keen interest in social movements and narrowing gaps of racial inequity.

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Laspau is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization affiliated with Harvard University. We focus on strengthening higher education in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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