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Marcela Dodi

Placement Specialist

+1 617 495-0468

Marcela Dodi is a Placement Specialist at Laspau and joined the placement team in January of 2020. Prior to this role, she assisted and worked at Laspau as a temporary operation assistant, where she valued assisting grantees with the submission application process. Marcela has associated with multiple international institutions and non-profit organizations for both educational and professional purpose; she strongly believes it is essential to expand education opportunities across the world. She also has an extensive background in the legal field; she previously worked for two law firms in the Boston area. As a legal assistant, she assisted attorneys and clients with legal documents and processes. In addition, during her college summers, she interned at the Federal Courthouse in Boston, where she coordinated two fellowships for high school/college students to provide access to young students/scholars within the justice legal system. Marcela obtained her B.A. in Politics and Women Gender Studies from Brandies University and recently earned her Master’s in Gender Studies at Central European University in Hungary. She is dedicated to and passionate about working to narrow the uneven gap within education accessibility and knowledge production.

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