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Apitchaya Thiapphet Ramirez

Fulbright Program Assistant

Apitchaya is a Program Assistant for the Fulbright Program at Laspau. She’s a recent graduate of the University of Massachusetts Lowell and holds a bachelor's degree in Peace & Conflict Studies with an American Studies minor. She also serves with AmeriCorps NAIP 2020-2021 cohort assisting immigrants and refugees gain economic stability and more fully participate in the society through job readiness training, and accessing community services. She’s originally from Bangkok, Thailand. Apitchaya previously participated in J-1 exchange visitor program and was introduced to Latin American culture when she lived with her Colombian host family in the United States. Apitchaya also travelled around Colombia and lived there for a month. Apitchaya’s hoping that she could strengthen her connection with Latin American culture as she becomes a part of Laspau.

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