Ana Paola Cueva

Program and Development Manager

+1 617 495-0432

Ana Paola Cueva Navarro is a Program and Development Manager. She works with clients throughout Latin America to identify opportunities for collaboration as well as on design and implementation of scholarship and University Innovation programs. She oversees the operations of Laspau’s programs in Mexico, Colombia and Paraguay and leads D-LAT, LASPAU’s internal research and innovation incubator. Ana Paola has previously worked as a program advisor for the Crédito Beca Francisco José de Caldas, Fulbright (Mexico) scholarship programs and for the Organization of American States (OAS) scholarship program. Ana Paola is from Mexico and graduated from Harvard University in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in government. She is currently completing an MA in international relations at the Harvard University Extension School. Prior to joining Laspau, she interned in Senator Edward Kennedy’s office and worked at Harvard’s Cultural Agents Initiative, at the British School of Boston and at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.