Laspau Signs Agreement with American Councils for International Education

CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS, December 20, 2015- On December 18th, 2015, Laspau and the American Councils for International Education shook hands and signed a five-year agreement of cooperation. For those familiar with Laspau and the American Councils for International Education, the agreement comes to no surprise.

For the past forty years, the American Councils, an international nonprofit located in Washington, DC, has been providing educational opportunities such as academic exchanges, overseas language immersion, and education development programs throughout over seventy countries. The nonprofit boasts of over 55,000 alumni worldwide, a group including government leaders, top international educators, business innovators, public officials, and K-12 students. All their work aims to broaden individual perspective, increase knowledge, and deepen understanding so that participants may leave programs feeling confident and ready to face the future, a goal almost identical to that of Laspau.

This agreement of cooperation between the two nonprofits will primarily focus on the creation of educational programs and administration for scholarships in higher education institutions in the United States. Through their partnership, Laspau and the American Councils will expand their institutional networks and merge their global expertise to create customized programs that meet the needs of the higher education systems in the Americas.

“We are proud and excited to partner with an organization like American Councils for International Education, which has had such an impact on international education over the past forty years,” Laspau’s Executive Director, Angelica Natera, shared when asked about the agreement. “We anticipate a long-lasting and fruitful partnership.”