Higher Education
Across the Americas

We believe everyone deserves opportunities to study, research, innovate and share knowledge.

University Innovation

Our programs draw upon a global network of higher education professionals and evidence-based best practices.

Scholarship Management

Our 50 years of experience enable us to secure exceptional admissions and financial packages for grantees studying in over 35 countries.

Admissions Testing

Laspau offers the PAEP, a standardized and objective way to evaluate candidates in Spanish to gradate programs.

Program Partners

“After implementing what I learned in Laspau’s University Innovation program, my classroom is now alive with student engagement and interaction. Using the Peer Instruction for Active Learning model, I have feelings that I have never had in eleven years of teaching.”
Natalia Murillo-Quirós
Physics Professor
Universidad Tecnológica de Costa Rica
University Innovation Program Participant
“I’ve realized that epidemiology is a way to provide evidence-based information that will help us overcome many health challenges. Laspau’s guidance was incredibly important in gaining admission to a Master’s program. Now, I am putting those skills into practice every day at a national level.”
Jacques Clerville
Chief Assistant of Epidemiologic Surveillance for Infectious Diseases, Ministry of Health, Haiti
Fulbright Scholar (MS in Epidemiology)