Our Network

Who We Work With

Working with over 1000 institutions and 17,000 individuals, our thriving network of experts unites knowledge and resources from 34 countries across the Americas. By expanding our network, we drive innovation and amplify impact, bridging talented individuals with high-quality institutions and developing effective faculty who instruct an ever-growing numbers of students.

  • Aspiring students, tertiary level graduate students
  • Faculty and academic leaders hoping to influence the next generation
  • National and international organizations, higher education institutions, public and private sector institutions including governments
  • Any ally who believes in strengthening institutions in the Western Hemisphere, expanding opportunity and connecting talented minds with the fields, people and groups to make that happen.

Laspau’s network is comprised of innovative thinkers, leaders and institutions with strong commitments to higher education. We collaborate with our network to create the opportunities for exchanges, training, research, fellowships and partnerships, building knowledge-based infrastructure in the Western Hemisphere.

Together, the Americas can be a diverse range of leadership and expertise, where all can advance their study for our shared benefit.

How You Can Help


You can connect aspiring individuals to Laspau’s network, matching academic interests in fields or topics with experts


You can connect global and governmental organizations, universities, institutions and academic leaders and faculty to Laspau’s network, so that exceptional opportunities across the Americas can be accessed by talented and committed individuals


You can connect philanthropists, corporate leaders, brand sponsors and everyday donors to Laspau’s network, so we can fund tomorrow’s opportunities for the next generation


You can connect like minds to our cause – together, the Americas will be replete with opportunities to develop, evolve and impact our world – because each one of us deserves it.