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At the school where he took English classes in Bolivia, Ronny Bazan Antequera spotted a poster advertising Fulbright Scholarship Opportunities. He was curious and decided to learn more. After learning about the scholarship he made up his mind to apply, but not for two more years. For those next two years, Ronny focused on preparing the best application possible by working on his English, studying test preparation books he borrowed from Education USA and taking sample tests of the TOEFL, GRE and PAEP exams. His application was successful and in 2012, he started his Master's degree in Computer Science at the University of Missouri, Columbia, one of his top choice schools for his field.

On a mild day in Bogotá, the last day of June to be precise, in 1965, a group of students embarked on a trip that would change their lives forever. The Aerocóndor airplane left Colombia, with 39 students on board (5 women and 34 men). For many of these students it was their first time on an airplane as well as their first time outside of their own country. The plane’s final destination was Miami but that would not be the end of the trip.

On April 9th and 10th, our Executive Director, Angélica Natera attended the first Foro de Rectores “Prosperity and education: the challenge of cooperation in the Americas”, an initiative of the 7th Annual Summit of the Americas held in Panama City, Panama. The goal of the event was to examine cooperation challenges with a view to achieving prosperity in the Hemisphere through education. Through keynote speakers and panels, the forum addressed the key areas of academic mobility, technology and innovation and sustainable economic development.