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Admissions Testing
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Success Stories

  • "… the first obvious benefit is the tuition assistance and the supplemental allowance which is provided while completing your studies. It has provided key networking opportunities and exposure to key hospitality and tourism players".

    Noriel Jacobs-Gray
    Noriel Jacobs-Gray Fulbright Grantee
  • "I want to help bring technical and financial solution to Haiti’s energy needs. I think that with the knowledge I’m gaining I can help develop solutions that will not only have temporary, shortsighted impacts but provide long term, sustainable outcomes".

    Nicolas Darius Allien
    Nicolas Darius Allien Fulbright Grantee
  • "I would say for sure that I met my academic objectives and expectations that I had before coming to the United States. I feel really happy I chose Southern Illinois University Carbondale to pursue my MA in TESOL and Applied Linguistics".

    Angel María Dávila
    Angel María Dávila Fulbright Grantee